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Memorabilia -- Carmascot Bobbin' Head Dolls R
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Ceramic reproductions
4.5" ceramic reproductions

4.5" lead figures

The 8" Bobbin' Head Dolls manufactured by Carmascot are also known to have been reproduced. Reproductions are known to have autographs at the bottom base and some have none.

Some reproductions have a number at the back of each head and don't weight the same as the originals. Also, the detail on the faces, hands and ears are not as good as the originals.

One known reproduction's base is entirely flat and has no autograph on the front of the base. The underside of the base is one place you should look: the reproduction has only 2 cavities, while the original has 4.

The underside bases were originally available in blue or white; but there is a reproduction with a white painted base.

The reproduction Carmascot stickers (see the original sticker) on the bottom have the letters that are not even and tend to run together. The original set is seen on the left. These came originally in a custom box.

The copyright 1964 CAR MASCOTS, INC. information is smaller on the reproduction.

UPDATE: 4.5" reproductions nodders made of ceramic were made in 1997.  They lack the definition of the 8" original nodders. See picture at left.


Another set of figuress were produced probably in the 90's and are made of lead. These figures have the name of each Beatles in front. They measure 4.5" and do not bob. See bottom left.






Source: The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition

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