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List of Counterfeits List of Reproductions
3D Glasses 4" Bobbin' Heads (cake decorations)
Bingo Blotter Bracelet
Alarm Clock Brooch (guitar & drum)
Bubbles Buttons
Buttons Buttons (the Green Duck)
Coin Banks Calendar (Make a date)
Dice Carmascot Bobbin' Head Dolls
Fan Club Gum Charm Bracelet
Fan Club Jigsaw Puzzle Coin Holder
Guitar Keychain Comb (Jumbo)
Guitar picks The Beatles US Commemorative Coin
Hand-held Fan Cup (Washington Pottery)
Help! Bandage dispenser Disk Go Case
Help! Whistle Flasher Rings ; Flasher Rings Display Card
Hologram Keyring Guitar "New Sound" Selcol
KYA Keychain Guitar "Junior Guitar" Selcol
Lunchbox (cartoon) Gum cards Boxes
Marbles Hair Brush
Painter's Cap Hair Pomade Box
Paper Weight Hair Spray
Pocket Mirrors Hankerchief
Pocket Knives "Kissing Lips" Tumbler
Ring (adjustable) Lunchbox & Thermos
Ringo Roll Candy Lux Soap
Ruler Megaphone
Shoe Laces Metal Worcester Ware Tray
Slide Puzzle Mug
Spoons Necklace (heartshape)
Stampos Pen Holder
Tambourines Pencil Case
Tattoos Pencils & Eraser Set
Tape measurer Pennants
Thermometer Plastic Guitar Brooch
Thimbles Plate (Biscuit) (Washington Pottery)
Tour Jacket (nylon) Plate (Washington Pottery)
TV Set Pin Purse
TWA Flight Bag Remco Doll Box
Wooden Nickels Remco Dolls Instruments
Yellow Submarine Revell Kit Models
Yellow Submarine Tie Tac Pin Saucer (Washington Pottery)
Tac (backing card)
Tac (tie tac)
Tiles (ceramic)
Wheat Honey Cereal Box
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine Alarm Clock
Yellow Submarine Banks
Yellow Submarine buttons
Yellow Submarine Corgi box
Yellow Submarine Die Cast
Yellow Submarine Model Kit
Yellow Submarine Mousepad (1999)
Yellow Submarine Wristwatch

Last update 00-01-14

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