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Recordings -- She Loves You (Swan) black version R
Click here to see the genuine label!
Reproduction label
click here to see the genuine label

Click here to see the original picture sleeve!
Reproduction picture sleeve

To distinguish a fake from a genuine She Loves You single, read the following:

"She Loves You" single from the 70’s

  • It has the titles in thin silver print.
  • The titles appear in quotation marks.
  • The label is flat (not glossy).
  • The writing in the matrix is handwritten.
  • The vinyl is somewhat pock-marked.
  • This is imitating a late 60’s reissue which has a similar label style but which has stamped-in numbers in the matrix.

The sleeve:

The "Beatles" and "She Loves You" are printed in white in a red rectangular band at the top. The typography is different on the original.

The image of the Beatles os smaller on the original picture sleeve.

See the original picture sleeve.

This information (plus the scans) were graciously provided by Frank Daniels of Across the Universe.

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