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Recordings -- Songs, Pictures & Stories of the Fabulous Beatles (VJ) R
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Released on 8-12-64 this single LP had a gatefold cover of which the front is two-thirds full width.

The record label is the same as the "Introducing the Beatles" LP VJLP1062 on the original. The title and the words Beatles is over the play hole on an original. The reproduction album has no gatefod whatsoever and instead of having "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles" like on the original album, the reproduction sports "Songs and Pictures of the Fabulous Beatles".

Another way of spotting a fake is by looking at the back cover. As a result of the copy of the back cover, the pictures of Paul and Ringo have a criss-cross effect. As for the disc itself, the serial number has been corrected to VJLP1092 on the fake. The original featured VJLP1062 -- the same serial number as of the "Introducing the Beatles" LP. Side one on the fake has an extra song: From Me To You, and Anna is replaced by Please Please Me.


Source : Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia

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