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The Beatles Collectors' Reference Center
The Beatles Win Stamp Lawsuit

Newark, New Jersey -- The Beatles and Yoko Ono have won their battle against a stamp distributor. A federal judge has ruled the International Collectors Society cannot sell Beatles stamps anymore. The Beatles and Ono sued in 1996, saying I-C-S used the Beatles likeliness for the stamps without their permission. They charged I-C-S worked with governments like Chad and Madagascar to make the stamps but only a small number were actually sold at those nations' post offices.

They reached a settlement a year ago, under which I-C-S agreed to destroy a chunk of the stamps and sold the rest only through members of the Beatles-Lennon mail order club.The Beatles and Ono sued again, charging that I-C-S violated that deal after private investigators were able to buy the restricted stamps. The judge agreed, barring I-C-S from selling any Beatles stamps. A lawyer for I-C-S says it will appeal.

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