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Paper Collectibles -- Tickets R

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With the growing technology of color laser printers and copiers a collector should be weary of the authenticity of concert tickets. They are the items most likely to be reproduced. You should check tickets for clarity in printing. Small logos or union marks should be clear. Most original tickets are printed with the same color paper on both sides. Many reproductions only have one color on one side. Most original tickets measure from 1"X3 (Dallas) to 2X5" (Candlestick Park), with most larger than the Dallas ticket. I would suggest that you buy the excellent book by Jeff Augsburger et al. They produced a very good illustrated section on concert tickets (see below).

  • You should also take a look at Mitch McGeary's very informative webpage on tickets. As always, Mitch has done a great job. The scan at left and the reverse side are from Mitch's website.

Source: The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition

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