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Hello everyone. The proliferation of counterfeit and reproduction merchandise has led me to produce this website. As you probably all know, the Web is full of fake merchandise and unfortunately, collectors are being burned everyday by the Fab Forgers. Hopefully, this site will be of great service to all collectors  : from novice to old-timers.

At the beginning of summer 1998, I contacted the Beatles experts from North America about my project. First, I contacted Mitch McGeary, and his response  was very enthusiastic about this website and that such a project would provide much needed help for the Beatles collector. His knowledge and experience has helped me a great deal when I needed the right information about an item. Please visit Mitch's Website.

Then I contacted Perry Cox who also agreed to help me out with information. His encouragement and knowledge have been invaluable for my getting this website under way. Perry's Website.

I also contacted Steve Clifford from BC Canada who was also very enthusiastic about my project and has promised to lend a hand whenever he could.
Please visit Steve's Website.

Robert York and myself have contacted each other recently; Robert takes a regular look at my website and is also an authority in Beatles. I thank him for the help and advice he has provided and will be providing in the future.
Please visit Robert's Website.

A new collaborator for this website is Frank Daniels. I recently asked Frank if I could link to some information from his website and he agreed. A lot of information on the VJ label and such is from his personal collection. Thanks to Frank for his knowledge and scans! Please visit Frank's website.

I should not forget Jeff Augsburger, Marty Eck and Rick Rann who have given me permission to access their book The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition which was without any doubt the number one source that I used to get this website going. You can contact Jeff by clicking here!

I hope you will enjoy this website and that it will be of great service to you all.

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Special thanks to Jeff Augsburger, Perry Cox and Mithc McGeary
for supplying additional photos and information for this site.
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