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Reference Books
The Beatles Collection
Alan Ould
Book Sales, 1998; 144p. ISBN: 0-78580735-7

The Beatles' popularity created an onslaught of collector's items. Memorabilia, including sheet music, posters, autographs, letters, souvenirs, and more are featured in this directory, listing the current value and availability, as well as projected future value, of each item listed. This beautifully illustrated and informative sourcebook is a must-have for any Beatles collector. Color illustrations.

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The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition
Jeff Agusburger, Marty Eck, Rick Rann
Antique Trader Books, 1997; 227p. ISBN: 0-930625-68-4

Available from Branyan Press, Box764, Elburn, IL. 60119 26.00$ postpaid
An absolute must for collectors of Beatles memorabilia. This invaluable book is divided into categories: general memorabilia, movie items, magazines, books, trading cards, record promotion items...There is also a useful section on reproductions and counterfeits which should set the record straight once and for all about the Fab Forgers. Original ads are also pictured and there's even a glossary. A tremendous and indispensable work of love by three of the world's top authorities on the subject.

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Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia 2nd edition
Perry Cox
House of Collectibles, 1999; 490p. ISBN: 0676601812

- COMPREHENSIVE. The Official Price Guide to The Beatles: Records and Memorabilia has everything to please, please you--including CD and record listings (artist compilations, singles, EPs, and LPs from Meet The Beatles! to Abbey Road), bubble gum cards, lunch boxes, key chains, movie posters, toys, underwear, drum kits, hairspray, wigs, and much more!

- COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHIES for The Beatles, Apple label artists--plus the individual albums of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

- SPECIAL FEATURES. Valuable information on pricing and grading records and memorabilia, what to expect when selling your records to a dealer, and a handy chapter on authenticating Beatles autographs.

- BUYERS-SELLERS DIRECTORY. Need to find an out-of-print record or sell a particular classic? Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the people to contact.

- WRITTEN BY AN EXPERT. Perry Cox is recognized as the leading authority on Beatles record collecting, and he has coauthored five different books on the subject since 1981. In addition, he is one of the world's top dealers in Beatles collectibles.

- FULLY ILLUSTRATED, including eight pages of color photographs.

- A NEW CANADIAN SECTION on albums and singles.

The Beatles Album : 30 Years of Music and Memorabilia
Geoffrey Giuliano
Studio, 1994;
ISBN : 0-14023-777-1

This magical mystery tour of one of the world's largest collections of Beatles recordings memorabilia is a tribute to the breadth and variety of the band's recorded legacy. More than 1,500 photos of rare or previously unexhibited items.

The Beatles : The Ultimate Recording Guide
Allen J. Wiener
Monarch Books, 1994; 596p. ISBN: 1-55850-414-1

From bootleg discographies to songs with the Beatles as supporting players, Allen Wiener's book is a magical mystery tour of the Fab Four's careers and recording. Contains a general chronology, US and UK discographies, a special release discography and a listing of alternate versions and bonus tracks. With the exception of the recent Anthology series, his book is a comprehensive and accurate Beatles record reference.

The Beatles : A Collector's Guide to Beatles Memorabilia : Yesterday & Tomorrow
Courtney McWilliams

Overall, this book is poorly researched and incomplete. Most of the nicest pictures are of items no one cares about. In that respect, this is far useless as a Beatles price guide. The weakness is in the pricing structure of the post-Anthology Beatles products. The author has given guidelines on value of items released since 1995 at about twice their original value. Many of these items are readily available at close to their original price in collector's circles. The values listed may be more realistic in about five years.

Every Little Thing
William McCoy & Mitch McGeary
Popular Culture Ink, 1990; 368p. ISBN: 1-56075-004-9

A definitive account of the many technical recording variations of the Beatles songs available commercialy. Special chapters deal with the Tony Sheridan/Beat Brothers discs, the Star Club tape, the White Album, the "Rarities" LP's, box sets released worldwide, special audiophile half-speed mastered discs and much more. This is followed by a song-by-song listing of available variations of songs by both the Beatles as a group, but also as solo artists. Many photos are included, along with song and record title, personal name, and record number indexes.
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Songs, Pictures, Stories of the Fabulous Beatles Records on VJ
Bruce Spizer
, 1998; 242p.

"Well researched and masterfully compiled, this colorful book is a must have for Beatle record collectors and historians, as well as anyone having any interest in the group. No matter how much you think you know about the Beatles and their records, you'll know so much more after reading this entertaining and informative book". Also contains chapters on fake and counterfeit 7" discs and LPs. The section on the LPs is highly detailed and provides enough information to prevent any reader from ever knowingly purchasing a bogus disc.
- Perry Cox.
See book extensive book review on Mitch McGeary's site

The Beatles : A Reference & Value Guide
Barbara Crawford, Hollis Lamon, Michael Stern
Collector Books, 1998; 216p. ISBN: 1-57432-036-X

Dedicated on original memorabilia, this second edition is broken down in chapters : Early memorabilia, Jewelry, Buttons, Yellow Submarine, Apple Studio, Yellow Submarine celluoids and one of a kind items. Althought this book list a vast collection of Beatles memorabilia one thing that this book lacks is a good description of the items - on some occasions nothing is said of the original manufacturer or the year of production. Here and there there are fakes and nothing is said about them being so, which may be misleading to the collector. Nevertheless, this book is shockfull of color pictures and is a good addition to the book of Jeff, Marty & Rick.
See also Steve Clifford's review on this book

How they Became the Beatles: A definite story of the early years 1960-1964
GarethL. Pawlowski
Dutton, 1989; 208p. ISBN:0-525-24823-4

Working from his incredible collection of original material - programs, tickets, local ads, contracts, and correspondence, all reproduced here - the author has constructed the first accurate description of the Beatles beginnings.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Beatles
Richard Buskin
Alpha Books, 1998; 360p. ISBN:0-02-862130-1

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Beatles features fascinating details on understanding Beatlemania, with insight on Beatles roots, influences, developments as musicians, and musical legacy. Valuable is the chapter named "Rattling those valuables" on records and merchandise worth collecting, and disc and merchandise to avoid (reproductions and counterfeits).

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Apple - Log IV : A guide for the US & Canadian records collector
Jeffery Levy
Digital Design, 1992; 245p. ISBN:0-9694332-0-4 (limited edition)

The ONLY Apple Records Collectors' Reference Series of publications. AppleLog is the complete resource for collectors of U.S. and Canadian Apple Items including: albums, singles, 4-tracks, 8-tracks, cassettes, reel to reel, CD's, promos, and reissues. This main volume of APPLELOG contains over 250 pages of information, illustrations & 100's of photograph's. It documents & lists U.S. and Canadian Apple issues in various formats including Lp's, 45's, Tape formats,, as well as Special Interest records from around the world! Also lists memorabilia, album stickers, bootlegs, Apple Press info & information on the Apple Logo.

For more info on reference books on the Beatles see also Steve Clifford's webpage.

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