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Unauthorized Merchandise
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Since the demise of the group, demand for merchandise never ceased to grow. As could be expected, a large number of manufacturers had their sights on the big money such an enterprise could bring. Here's a sample of what has been done since. And the beat goes on...

Memorabilia Recordings
»Pins, keychains, patches, jewelry UFO Boxsets
Beatles pins Recordings
Beatles Cartoon keychains Magical Mystery Tour CD box
Patches The Beatles Revolver Box Set
Beatles Yellow Submarine Jewelry Sgt. Peppers' 25th anniversay boxset
HRC Fantasy Pins BBC Radio Boxset
Beatles 4 heads bracelet  
The Beatles Pewter Figurines  
4.5" reproduction ceramic nodders  
Jonh & Paul Bronze Busts  
Russian Nesting Dolls  
Beatles Resin Bust  
Beatles Busts  
The Wilton Cake Decoration Figurines  
The Swingers Music set (in box)  
The Swingers Music set (on card)  
The Beatles Cartoon Figurines  
The Beatles Pop Singer Puppet  
Jonh Lennon AM radio  
Esco Dolls  
John Lennon gold Bust decanter  
John Lennon Gold Bust  
Rag Dolls(1964)  
Party Cake Decorations (Gay Gem)  
Party Cake Decorations (Crest)  
Madame Alexander Dolls  
Lead figures  
Billy Bee-tle Glass and cup  
Beatles Framed Mirror  
»Musical boxes and musical figurines  
John Lennon Decanter  
John Lennon Jewell Musical Box  
John Lennon Musical Box  
Beatles Salt & Pepper Shakers  
Beatles Clock  
Beatles Shea Stadium Metal Sign  
Yellow Submarine thimble  
The Beatles X-Mas Ornaments  
The Beatles Hair!  
The Beatles Pocket Calendar  
The Beatles Coming to America. box set)  
The Yellow Submarine Swatch  
John Lennon Commemorative Coin  
Beetle Comb  
Beatles Nylon Banner & Bandana  
Beatles Rock & Roll Comics  
Beatles PEZ Dispensers  
Yellow Submarine Lionel Flatcar  
John Lennon beercan

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