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The line is very thin when it comes to differenciate the reproductions from the counterfeits. For the benefit of this website, the definitions below will help sort out what is what.

To reproduce or to imitate the original. More often than not, a reproduction could be authorized and is not considered a fake. Nevertheless, you should keep a watchful eye on what you buy. If you want an original you won't get it by buying a repro. For example, the Beatles serving tray by Worchester Ware is widely reproduced. Same goes for the Yellow Submarine die cast submarine; it was reproduced - or reissued, if you like - by Corgi.

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A counterfeit is a fraudulous manufacturing of an artifact. The particulatiry of the counterfeit is that the item was not manufactured in the 60's (for original Beatles items - be it, recordings or memorabilia) from the beginning. The item never existed in the first place, but is passed off and sold as such. Most of these items were made in the 70's and well into the 90's.

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