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Recordings -- A Hard Day's Night (stereo CD) C
SMO 83739
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The third installment in the 4 stereo CD releases of 1996, this high quality bootleg is a very limited edition of 500 copies of the original stereo version of the "A Hard Day's Night" album reprinted with its original cover. In addition to the songs, several bonus tracks taken from the Anthology and from other sources are included. They were recorded by the Beatles during or at the time of the LP's sessions.

See inside of CD

Bonus tracks are:

  • Can't Buy Me Love (the unedited take 2 in stereo)
  • You Can't Do That (take 6 from Anthology 1)
  • And I Love Her (take 2 from Anthology 1)
  • I'll Be Back (take 2 a breakdown - from Anthology 1)
  • I'll Be Back (take 3 from Anthology 1)
  • A Hard's Night (A closer look at the recording of A Hard Day's Night. Incorporating take 1 [from Anthology 1] 3,4,6 [a breakdown] & 7
  • You Know What To Do (G. Harrison demo from Anthology 1)
  • One And One Is Two (P. McCartney demo, March 1964)
  • If I Fell (J. Lennon composing-demo, late 1963)

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