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Paper Collectibles --  Budokan Hall Program R


The originals have a staple on the spine 4" from the top and a second staple 3" from the bottom. The reproductions have the top staple starting at 3" from the top and the bottom staple starts 2" from the bottom, the photo of the Bealtes on the cover of the original program is a sepia tint, on the reproductions it is a gray tint. Inside the front the front cover of the original "presents" is spelled with a small "p", on the reproductions "Presents" is spelled with a capital "P"; the third page in the program is a one-third page blue color paper tab with "The Beatles" written in large letters, on originals the printing of "The Beatles" is in gray, on the reproductions "The Beatles" is printed black.

Source & scan : The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition

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Last update 98-08-18
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