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Recordings -- Abbey Road R

Reproduction label
To distinguish a fake from a genuine Abbey Road, read the following:
  1. The blue area is very intense.
  2. The white colors at the bottom of the front cover are somewhat yellowed.
  3. The back cover is not cut well. The cover ends and there is a remaining strip of color. See scan


The label was shot from a genuine label. Instead of looking like it has black print on a preprinted label (like the real ones), it looks like the label, black print and all, is part of the same photo. The labels are a little blurry.Like the Let It Be fakes, there is a raised area around the label. The Abbey Road were copied from Winchester, VA, copies of the album and do not attempt to imitate any machine stampings.

This information (plus the scans) were graciously provided by Frank Daniels of Across the Universe.

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