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Recordings -- John Lennon Roots (Adam VIII) R
Adam VIII LTD 8018

Released in 1975 the "John Lennon Sings the Rock & Roll Hits" was taken off the market when legal action was brought up against Adam VIII by Apple and John Lennon. There are several known reproductions : All copies with the word "Greatest" in the title on the cover spine are not original. All copies with covers constructed of paper slicks pasted on cardboard are fakes since originals were only made of posterboard. All copies with unusually large labels are fakes. On the back cover of the originals, the Adam VIII ads have photo miniatures that are ligible. On the fakes the print is blurry, paricularly on "20 Solid Gold Hits" LP ad. The Adam VIII on original covers is sharp and clear, while it is blurry and faded on fakes. The number A-8018-A is lighty hand etched on the label of all originals.

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Source : Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia

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