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Recordings -- Ain't She Sweet R

Reproduction label, side A

To distinguish a fake from a genuine Atco single read the following:

Cover: Reproductions of the cover are very common. The original has blue print instead of green, fakes with blue print also exist but are hard to distinguish.


The white in the "ATCO" logo is off-centered on both sides. The yellow color is present in spots on the white area. The label is pock marked in some places. The vinyl may be pitted on some issues. A side features "VOCAL BY JOHN LENNON" on the left of the center hole and 64-7884-X; the serial number is on the right (45-6308) pub., Advanced, ASCAP + the timing on the right of the center hole.

Below the center hole is the title "AIN’T SHE SWEET" (Yellen-Ager) and "The Beatles" on the last line.

In the trail-off area there is 64-C-7884 hand etched on side A and 64-C-8005 on side B.

On side B there is "VOCAL" and 64C-8005 on the left of the center hole. There is the serial number 45-6308 Pub. Milene, ASCAP + the timing on the right of the center hole.

Althought there are 6 variations of this single on the original label, they are a bit hard to distinguish. Both sides of the reproduction have the following: "Division of ATLANTIC RECORDS, New York, N.Y."


This information (plus the scans) were graciously provided by Frank Daniels of Across the Universe

Reproduction label, side B

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