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Memorabilia -- 4" Bobbin' Heads (cake decorations) R


Set of Beatles 4" nodders or cake decorations. Originaly these were part of a set called "Swingers Music Set" and were stuck on a 71/8"X7 color card.

Because the Swingers set wasn't licenced, the name Beatles was nowhere to be found on the packaging. Two versions of the nodders were issued : a version is well painted and has the figurines with dark brown hair, the second variation is not carefully painted and has light brown hair. They were made in the 70's in Hong Kong and were used mainly to decorate birthday cakes. The reproductions are very common and easy to acquire. To identify a reproduction you should look under George and Ringo : the wording "Made in Hong Kong" is blurry. John and Paul have a smear through the words "Hong Kong".

In 1997 a set of ceramic reproduction nodders was available at Beatlefest. These measure 4.5" and were sold in a box. They don't nod and lack the detailing of the original 8" nodders. They are unauthorized.
Source: The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition

Dolls that were manufactured in the sixties or afterward :

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