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Memorabilia -- Buttons R

Since the breakup of the Beatles in 1970 a lot of buttons were manufactured; some with a license and some without. A lot of reproductions and counterfeits have flooded the market and are today still available more than ever. Since they are very cheap to manufacture there are a lot of those. If they are not listed in the price guides there is a good chance that they must be counterfeits or reproductions - the reproductions usually lack the manufacturer information; same goes for unauthorized buttons and pins. I have sampled a list of commonly known reproductionss on this page. For the COUNTERFEITS section click here!

1.gif (161 octets) Beatles YS characters
1.gif (161 octets) Slogan buttons
1.gif (161 octets) YS 1966 button
1.gif (161 octets) Beatles YS characters
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