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Recordings -- My Bonnie pink Decca promo R

Original - side A

The first american single release of a Beatles single, My Bonnie b/w The Saints 31382 by Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers on the pink label Decca DJ promo copy. This single is the "English intro" version and dates to April, 1962

The original copies of this single have the correct Decca markings in the trail-off area : 45 DGG66833A and 45 DGG24673B.

This record has been counterfeited. Original copies have the matrix number stamped into the trail-off by machine. All copies with My Bonnie on both sides are fakes. There should be a star under the first "C" in Decca, with 3 lines shooting out of both sides of the star.

For more information, you should also take a look at Frank Daniels website : Across the Universe

Original - side B

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