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Recordings -- Introducing the Beatles Stereo (VJ) R

Original stereo LP

Released on 7-22-63 this album is widely known as the most reproduced Beatles album in rock & roll history. The front cover of the stereo copy has "Stereophonic" in gray print accross a white banner at the top. Disc label on original has only the oval logo version.

I would suggest that you buy the Perry Cox book listed below if you want more information about this particular album. Perry's book contains a section on this particular album which is the most definitive about the subject. Also, Bruce Spizer's book on Vee Jay records is an invaluable source of information about all the Vee Jay records and their history. However, to spot a reproduction you should use the following checklist:


  • Covers with a brown border around the front cover photo are fakes.
  • Covers with a brown yellow tint and the word "STEREO" printed in black at the upper left are fakes.
  • Covers without George Harrison's shadow are fakes.
  • Covers with red, yellow, blue dots (under the top of the back cover) are fakes.
  • Covers for the stereo issue that list Love Me Do and PS I Love You amongst the two columns of tracks on the back are fakes.
  • Covers having a flat paper stock on the back side slick are fakes.


  • Any label with flat textured rainbow/colorband labels are fakes.
  • Labels that have "THE BEATLES" and "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" separated by the center hole are fakes.
  • If the width of the vinyl trail-off is greater than one inch - it's a fake.
  • Any copy with black labels that do not have the rainbow colorband, that are printed on glossy paper stock are fakes.

Copies with rainbow/colorband labels that have faint print and/or weak color brightness and a lack of clarity are fakes.

The original has the words "Printed in USA" at lower left of front cover which the reproduction lacks.

Source : Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia

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