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Recordings -- Let It Be R
Apple AR-34001
See inside of gatefold!

Released on 5-18-70, this Let It Be album was first produced with a gatefold cover and red Apple label.

To distinguish a reproduction:


The reproduction has inferior quality photos -- especially around Paul.  The white border around the front cover photos is aproximately 1/16" on repros, compared to bout 1/32" on original. Most of the reproductions are cut outs -- the cover will have a clipped corner or a hole punched through it.


  1. The red on the label is not as fresh on the reproduction.

  2. The label is a bit blurry.

  3. The label has a large "ring" around the smaller center.

  4. There is a raised area around the label.

    See the original and reproduction labels.The machine stamping "BELL SOUND" (on original) is not in trail off area on the reproductions. NEW INFO:There are also known copies that have fake machine stampings in the matrix.

Additional information was graciously provided by Frank Daniels of Across the Universe.

Source : Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia

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