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Carmascots :

The Oprah Show and the Antique Road Show Controversy

It is common knowledge to die-hard collectors that a collectable like the Carmascot Beatles nodder dolls manufactured by Carmascot in 1964 are among one of the most sought after items in Beatles memorabilia. What is puzzling collectors thought is the fact that the Oprah Show along with the "experts" from the Antique Road Show valued these dolls at 8000.00$ US in the box!

These so-called experts are wrong ! These dolls (the 8 inches version Pictured above) are worth what this extract from Perry Cox's Price Guide (see below) stipulates. Althought some dealers may argue that they are worth what the television guys said, they are wrong. The dolls they must refer to are the display dolls that measure aproximately 14 inches. These are quite rare and are worth 2000.00$ US each, which adds up to 8000.00$ US.

These dolls are the object of many speculative auctions and the seller always specify the Oprah and ARS reference about the value. It should be taken into consideration that there are numerous price guides for Beatles memorabilia and that the value in these guides were appraised by experts, REAL ONES !

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