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Recordings -- Their Biggest Hits (Tollie EP) R

Tollie TEP 1 8901
To make a long story short, this EP was never manufactured by VJ. It came out from two Beatles fans residing in the northwest part of the US. This is clearly a non-existent EP that could easily be passed off as a legitimate item because it is so acurate in details. A close inspection of the picture used on the cover will reveal a slight trace of ring wear when the fab forgers used the I Want To Hold Your Hand picture sleeve.

What should be pointed out is the fact that even though this is widely known that this EP is a fake, the few persons who bought it are holding onto it.

The record labels are similar to the original Tollie Records: "Tollie Records EP No.1-8901" is printed to the left of the center hole; "Master No. 643921" is printed on the right of the center hole on the A side and "Master No.643922" on the B side. Song title and group's name are printed at the bottom. The trail off areas contain the full "master" number on each side and "S40" on the B side.

There is even a fake of this fake that was produced in the early eighties from a dealer in California.

Also, the limit was pushed a bit when someone issued a fake promo of this same EP.

And there is also a reissue of this EP with a small center hole.

The story of this EP could be very long to tell, but if you want to know more, you should have a look at Bruce Spizers' book on VJ. The information for this page was taken with permission from Bruce Spizers' book on VJ. It is a valuable source of information on the VJ singles and albums.

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