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The UFO Music Ltd. Limited Edition Boxes
"Anthology vol.1"

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This is a Special Limited Edition Box Set of Anthology Vol.1 from Great Britain that includes the import version of Anthology Vol.1 double-cd set, an embroidered T-shirt, a Beatles paperweight, four cards with the Beatles on them, and certification of only 5000 worldwide! The number is engraved on a metal plate on the front of a heavy plastic box printed on three sides of the cube with pictures of the Beatles and 'The Beatles Anthology'. The CDs include 'Free as a Bird' and 56 other songs. The plastic box is made to hold all three Anthology sets and a few more CD's. The T-shirt is a black 100% cotton XL shirt with 'THE BEATLES Anthology' embroidered on the left chest. The paperweight is really nice and thick (about an inch) with red felt on the bottom. The four cards are about the size of a CD case and each has a picture of John, Paul, George, & Ringo. Then there is a Certificate of Limited Edition of only 5000 Worldwide.

Last update 99-03-18
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