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Memorabilia -- Wigs R
Click to see bottom of header card!
Scans courtesy of Mitch McGeary

Manufactured by Lowell Toy Manufacturing this item has had its header card reproduced. To spot a reproduction you should look for the markings  "Manufatured by Lowel..." printed on the rear of the card; this printing runs into the white block letters of "Wig", on the originals it does not; the reproduction header card had the disclaimer on the back which stated that the wig was the original, but the header card was reprinted in 1983; this statement sometimes has been trimmed from the header card; watch for uneven bottom edge, which may indicate that the card was trimmed. A counterfeit issue exists, and is easily detected by the words "Made In China" on the front header card.

Sources: The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide 3rd edition
& Mitch Mc Geary

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