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Recordings -- Yesterday & Today (Butcher Cover) R

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Up to now, there was no known reproduction of the Butcher Cover. Last year I've seen one here in Canada at a record convention. The copy was homemade. What the forgers did was take a genuine mono Yesterday & Today -- the one we all know as the Trunk cover and paste a colour photocopy of the Butcher cover onto it. The back was left as it was - with the original ads and such.


There is also a known reproduction of the rarer stereo version of the LP. It is beleived that it was made from the original negatives - which explains the picture quality. The recall letter was also reproduced. Like the mono version they have pasted the new photo over an old copy of the record jacket. A dead giveaway is to look for the serial number (T is for mono and ST for stereo) the record itself; if it is mono or stereo. How can you have a mono record with a stereo jacket? The original inner sleeve is easy to find and they put it in to give the LP some kind of genuine aspect.

For more information about the Butcher cover, please go to The Beatles at the Web Spot

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