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Memorabilia -- Buttons (the Green Duck co.) R
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Numerous pins and buttons have been reproduced over the years, the most reproduced are the Green Duck buttons (click to enlarge). To Spot an original you should look for the "GREEN DUCK CO., CHICAGO MADE IN USA SELTAEB 1964" or "NEMS Ent. Ltd. 1964" markings on the perimeter of the pin.

Other pins were also produced in the 60's; the Vari-Vue Flasher Pins were also a hot item. To spot an original -- althought those are not known to have been reproduced - the markings "Vari-Vue MT. VERNON, N.Y. USA" should be seen underneat the flasher pins. These were made with a metal backing.

See also other section on counterfeit and reproduction buttons.

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